Ambit Energy

So, you’ve heard about the new energy company in Baltimore? It’s name: Ambit Energy. They opened for business on November 1st, 2010.  What follows is a brief summary of the company; it’s product and services.

Most recently, in September 2010, Ambit Energy was named America’s fastest growing privately held company by Inc. magazine.  Ambit achieved this recognition by blasting off with a mind blowing 20,000% growth rate in its first 3 years.

Ambit Energy was founded in Texas, by Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless.  Jere Thompson Jr. is a well known entrepreneur in Texas and grandson of the founder of the Southland Corporation.  Of course the Southland Corporation is better known by its more recognized name:  7-Eleven.

Ambit Energy entered the deregulated energy market by offering electricity in Texas. Ambit’s first territorial expansion was to the northeast; to the Big Apple, the energy market of New York City.  With its explosive growth, Ambit has continued to pour into other markets to include offering natural gas in New York, Illinois, and electricity in Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Ambit Energy opened for business in the Baltimore area on November 1, 2010.  For Baltimore consumers, Ambit Energy offers electricity at a guaranteed savings over what BGE will charge its customers.  Although Ambit Energy offers a savings for energy customers, they offer something more for the budding or seasoned entrepreneur. For those who are searching for a way to produce a reliable income while working from home, Ambit Energy offers an opportunity unlike any that has been offered in Baltimore.   We cover more on the home business opportunity below.  Right now lets review Ambit Energy’s product.

The Ambit Energy Product

As mentioned above, Ambit Energy currently offers residential electricity in the Baltimore area. It is thought, but can’t be confirmed at this time, that Ambit Energy will offer natural gas in Baltimore at a later date.  For the Baltimore electricity consumer Ambit’s offer includes a guaranteed of 7% savings for the first two months, and a savings guarantee over what a customer would have paid BGE.  Ambit will confirm the customer has saved money by sending an annual summary report which details the percentage of savings over BGE.

Along with the guaranteed savings, after the initial enrollment, the customer receives a Free Travel Voucher good for 2 nights/3 days at one of 25 destinations in a 3-star hotel.   The closest destination for the Baltimore electricity customer is Atlantic City, NJ.

Ambit also offers a Monthly Travel Rewards Program.  Similar to a Frequent Flyer program that many airlines use, the customer accumulates points for using electricity.  After accruing a certain number of points, the customer can then redeem the points for various discounted travel packages.

In addition to the points for energy use program, Ambit rewards customers for referring other customers.  When a customer refers 5 others, the referring customer receives a discounted travel package once those 5 referred customers have been energized for 60 days.


There’s an aspect of the Ambit Energy service that has garnered a lot of attention.   Ambit Energy customers can refer other customers and receive a credit on their bill; EVERY MONTH!  It’s a “FREE ENERGY” referral program.

Here is how it works:  If you are an Ambit customer and refer 15 customers, Ambit Energy will average the payments from these customers and apply that amount as a credit to your energy bill, or you will receive a check from Ambit for that amount.  Ambit Energy will continue to credit your bill, or send a check, each and every month as long as you retain a minimum of 15 customers who pay their energy bills!   This program is a first in the industry and, as of this writing, Ambit Energy appears to be the ONLY energy retailer in the world offering this incentive. See the FAQ’s on the program.

The Ambit Energy Home Business

If you were going to start a home business, what product or service would you pick for your new business venture?  Ambit Energy consultants will tell you that ENERGY is the perfect product. And they present a good case for it.  Energy (electricity and natural gas) is something everyone uses.  We all buy it, month after month.  It’s not a luxury item; it’s the bill that always gets paid.  So, from a business owner perspective, Ambit Energy’s product and service makes good sense.   Their customers will continue to ‘purchase’ their product, month after month.   Now, how does that translate into a lucrative home business opportunity?Ambit Energy does not use traditional marketing to gather customers. Ambit uses a growing number of independent “consultants” to spread the word about the savings and benefits a customer will receive from switching to the Ambit Energy service; and ANYONE can become a consultant.  This model has proven to be very successful for Ambit Energy; the company has grown rapidly in the few years since its beginnings in Texas, to the point of being named the fastest growing privately held company in America in 2010.

The independent marketing consultants are paid for performing two basic tasks:

  1. They gather a handful electricity or gas customers; helping them save money.
  2. They help a few other home business owners start an Ambit Energy business of their own.

With this model Ambit Energy has gathered hundreds of thousands of energy customers, and tens of thousands independent business owners.  Many of these “home based energy consultants” are earning substantial monthly incomes.   You can watch a few short videos here to learn more about the Ambit Energy home based business opportunity.

Ambit Energy has received quite a few awards on its ride to the fastest growing company in America.  See this page for a list of these achievements.

If you live in the Baltimore area, and have been considering starting your own home business, Ambit Energy might be just the thing you’ve been waiting for.

Contact a local independent Ambit Energy consultant for more information.